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Routine Lawn Care


We know how to take care of lawns, so you don't have to. Whether a small residential lot, large suburban plot, strip mall or office park, we have what is needed to keep your lawn and landscape beautiful.

Turf + Tree + Shrub Maintenance 

Turf Fertilization – We use a combination of fast release, slow release, organic and/or nitrogen sources. Fertilization will take place five times per year – depending on the type of grass you have. A pre-emergent is applied in Spring and Fall.


Turf Weed Control – We apply a pre-emergent weed control twice per year in the Spring and Fall. This proactive method is the foundation of a weed-free lawn. Supplemental spot treatments are sometimes necessary and are charged on a per-visit basis.


Turf Insect Control – Insects and diseases that infest turf will be controlled by using our system of pest management which includes preventative and curative applications. Treatments are applied in Spring and again in Summer.


Tree and Shrub Insect Control – Trees and shrubs will be treated in the same manner as your turf, using preventative and curative applications. These treatments are also applied in Spring and again in Summer.


Fire Ant + Flea + Tick Control

Pest and Bug Control and Prevention – Top Choice is applied once per year and guards against fire ants, fleas and ticks in your turf. It is most effective when applied in Fall, but may be applied during any season.


Mole Control

Moles feed off of grub worms. We apply on a milky spore treatment that eliminates the grub worm population. We can then apply bait traps that helps control the mole population by offering a non-toxic alternative to trapping and killing moles.


Property Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning


Power Washing and Surface Care


Spring and Fall Leaf Removal


Gutter Maintenance and Cleaning

Winter Grounds Cleaning

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